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Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC takes underwater construction seriously and has for the past decade we’ve been in business. This ten-year commitment to excellence has resulted in us being one of the most popular providers of underwater construction in our area. When you need a reliable company to handle your underwater construction needs quickly and for a great rate, you can’t go wrong with us!

Our commercial diving company is capable of assessing, building, and repairing a wide range of buildings and services. Whether you are looking for power plant maintenance, under water maintenance, or underwater concrete repair, Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC can do the job with expert precision and speed. We have even been contracted to handle marine growth removal for customers!

We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Association of Diving Contractors International as well as guidelines for commercial diving companies and divers. This is because we at Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC value our reputation and think that it is important to protect our divers just as much as it is to protect the interests of the customers we dive for. When you pick us for your underwater construction, you get a commitment to safety and protocol.

If you are looking for underwater construction in Tampa, FL, then you know how expensive some companies can be. At Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC, we aim to offer our customers a reliable and efficient option for underwater construction that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg yet still gets them the results that they need for their business to succeed. Schedule a consultation appointment with us today to discover our affordable pricing options and successful track record!

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