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Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC has been a leader in commercial diving services for close to a decade. In the ten years since our founding, we have dived for many different clients and have always given them the results they are looking for. We frequently exceed our customers’ expectations and have situated ourselves as one of the top providers of commercial diving in Tampa, FL. If you’re looking for a commercial diver to help with any number of needs you may have, we are the company to choose!

Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC has the commercial diving services you need to help with all manner of underwater projects. From under water power plant maintenance to concrete repair or underwater surveys, we are ready to suit up and give you fantastic service! We have helped with the replacements and repairs of trash racks, traveling water screens, and many other repair and inspection services in the maritime industry. Past clients frequently refer us to others because of our fast turn-around times!

You will be hard pressed to find a commercial diving company with as much integrity and transparency as we have! We provide written reports each day we are on the job and can even give you video reports if you’d like! Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC’s diving pricing is some of the cheapest around, whether you are looking for diving consultation or a full commercial drive.

Our service is professional, safe, and reliable so you can have peace of mind! Request a free quote from Commercial Diving Maintenance LLC today to discover how low our prices are!

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